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5 Kitchenaid Mixer Recipes You Should Try This Week

So, you just got a Kitchenaid mixer. That’s great! I was in your shoes a few weeks ago. Since then, I’ve been able to experiment with some easy recipes. Yes, mistakes were made, but the journey has been tremendously fun and I’ve made some of the best food of my whole life.

While you can read more about my journey here, I want this article to be a fun starting point for you to experiment with your own stand mixer. I’ve compiled a bunch of my favourite recipes so far that make great use of the Kitchenaid mixer.

By the way, if you’re wondering how I keep track of all the great recipes I find online, I’ve been using Anylist, one of the most impressive apps I’ve come across this year. If you like to schedule your meals and turn your recipes into grocery lists, this is a no-brainer. Check out my review here.

1) Bread

Sliced bread
Homemade bread is a breeze when using a stand mixer

Nothing beats fresh homemade bread. While breadmaking is a slow process, it’s not very complicated and the rewards are more than worth it. Not only can you save money, especially when making bread in bulk, but you also have more control over what goes in your food.

If you’d like to make regular white bread, here’s a recipe that’s yielded great results for me: Is it cheaper to make your own bread? 🍞 Price breakdown and comparison for homemade bread – Six Figures Under

Required: 2 loaf pans

This is meant to replace the cheap bread you buy at the supermarket, not the artisan sourdough or french baguette you get from your (amazing) local bakery. I have yet to experiment with these but I hope to keep you posted once I do!

2) Pizza dough

Fresh pizza dough
Pizza dough is surprisingly easy to make.

While I don’t think there is such a thing as “bad pizza”, the crust is a component we tend to overlook when it comes to making it at home. Pizza is one of those dishes with so few ingredients you really shouldn’t compromise on quality. I’m guilty of buying pre-made crust from the store and still calling my pizza homemade. Not entirely sure how this is still legal in Canada.

The best way to achieve great pizza at home is to make your crust from scratch. Using a stand mixer, this can be incredibly easy. If you’d like a recipe, please check out this one below:

Kitchenaid Crusty Pizza Dough Recipe –

If available in your area, make sure to use pizza yeast as it contains additives that let your dough stretch a bit better.

3) Pasta dough

Pasta dough
Pasta dough is my love language.

If you haven’t had homemade pasta before, just like me until recently, I promise you’ve been missing out. Making your own dough doesn’t have to be complicated. If you have a KitchenAid mixer, this is kind of a Yahtzee situation.

Not only will you be able to mix and knead your dough with no effort whatsoever, but you can also use the optional pasta attachment and shape your dough into many shapes such as spaghetti or fettuccini. The taste & texture difference is out of this world and life’s just too short to pass on this.

Tip: Make sure you have lots of time on hand. This is a labour of love and cutting corners will result in lesser pasta.

Here’s a recipe that yielded great results for spaghetti and cannelloni: {Video} How to Make Spaghetti with KitchenAid®

Update: Works great for lasagna too!

4) Any cake

Chocolate cake
Everyone loves a good chocolate cake.

Using a Kitchenaid mixer, your cakes will be more consistent and painless to produce. You will be able to experiment with new flavours much quicker and at scale. Not only that, your icing will be just as easy to make. This is one of those areas where having a stand mixer really makes a world of difference.

If you’re not sure where to start, I recommend trying something easy. A good old chocolate or vanilla cake with some basic buttercream icing will absolutely do. Keep in mind that you will need springform cake pans for the best results. I highly recommend this chocolate cake with buttercream recipe to get you comfortable with cakes.

Warning: while this recipe is amazing, I find that it produces a lot of icing for my taste. You can probably cut the icing recipe in half and still get enough. Mileage may vary.

5) Pancakes

Pancakes of different sizes
Pancakes. Need I say more?

It’s hard to describe how having a stand mixer changes the game when it comes to pancakes. I was able to produce 6 beautiful pancakes in less than 25 minutes, just in time for the start of my WFH shift. This turned an otherwise very forgettable morning into one I fondly remember weeks later. Yes, pancakes are that powerful.

While there is an undeniable speed element, quality and consistency have been forever changed by the use of a Kitchenaid mixer. All my pancakes have even texture, taste and they cook better too. Why not make this a weekend of WFH classic?

I highly recommend this buttermilk pancake recipe by preppy Kitchen:
Pancake Recipe – Preppy Kitchen

Make sure you have maple syrup handy, and if you’d like to serve these pancakes with some homemade whipped cream, check out this guide:

It’s really easy and only takes a few minutes so I highly recommend taking the time…


Well, I hope you tried and loved some of the recipes shown here. Are there any other recipes you’d like to recommend to someone starting out on their Kitchenaid Mixer journey? Please leave those down in the comments and I’ll check them out.

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